About Us

Brushstrokes Romsey was started in 2007 to offer commercial and residential clients a good old-fashioned service at a affordable prices

My name is Louie Martin and I have been in the painting and decorating trade since 1998 working with different IT companies within their facilities departments in North Hampshire.

In 2007, I set up my own business, Brushstrokes Romsey.  We offer a personal and reliable service to commercial and residential clients across Hampshire and into Dorset.  Please take a look at our Gallery page for examples of our work.

We can easily gauge the complexity of the job and we also have good time management skills.  We have a good work ethic, and we do not get distracted when working for you in your business or home environment.

Clients say, they do not know we are about because we work quietly and efficiently, and we do not interrupt clients with their day to day activities.

We also have good contacts within the building trade, so if there is a job we can not do then we will know someone who can advise you.

When I am not running the business with my team, my partner Nikki and I love to take our son James and our dog Mollie for a walk in the New Forest, a peaceful and relaxing place to unwind.

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